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Kate Bosworth

February 28, 2005: News on Kate Bosworth's Hair / Rumor on Brandon Routh's Role

USA Today spoke with Kate Bosworth at the Independent Spirit Awards this weekend, and Kate made reference to her hair in relation to the new Superman movie...

    Breaking from tradition in a glam gold gown, Kate Bosworth said she's enjoying her last days as a blonde. In two weeks, she'll either be spending months in a wig or will be required to cut and dye her hair into a short brunette 'do for her role as Lois Lane in Superman Returns.

Meanwhile a rumor, which I find VERY unlikely, has emerged over at SuperHeroHype, from an acquaintance who allegedly knows people at Warner Brothers "public affairs," claiming the studio is poised to dump Brandon Routh in favor of Smallville star Tom Welling because "the WB is well aware of the fans disappointment in Routh."

Here are 2 major reasons why I think this rumor is 99.9% false... 1) I just spoke with Bryan Singer who made reference to Brandon Routh, and indicated that only 1 female role had yet to be cast; and 2) Production on the film starts in less than 2 weeks, I doubt they'd make such a major change to the cast at such a late stage, and besides Welling is still shooting the remainder of season 4 episodes and would not be able to start on the movie in less than 2 weeks.

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