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Wizard #172

December 16, 2005: Huge “Superman Returns” Preview in Wizard #172

"Superman Returns" promises to be THE movie event of 2006 and Wizard: The Comics Magazine delivers the most comprehensive, exclusive coverage you will find in any magazine with Wizard #172, on sale at your favorite comic store on Wednesday, Dec. 21. Wizard's monster 2006 Preview issue-one of our biggest and best-selling issues of the year-kicks off with a 28-page "Superman Returns" section highlighted by an exclusive photo cover of Brandon Routh in costume that you won't see anywhere else.

The blowout editorial package shows off Wizard's unprecedented access in what will be the first-and the biggest-coverage of the next Superman movie. Wizard visited the set several times and was granted unprecedented access to director Bryan Singer.

Highlights of Wizard's "Superman Returns" blowout include:

  • An intensive Q+A with new Superman Brandon Routh as he talks about his first meeting with director Bryan Singer, how he bulked up for the role and how he has dealt with his newfound fame. Read it here first as he talks about his love for the original Christopher Reeve films, what it's like to fly and how it feels to have your ass kicked by Kevin Spacey.

  • But that's not all when it comes to interviews. Get to meet the entire cast as we feature Q+As with new Lex Luthor Kevin Spacey, director Bryan Singer and the writing team of Mike Doughtery and Dan Harris.

  • Behind-the-scenes reports on what the New Krypton set looks like, why Lex Luthor has the upper hand and how Superman can be beaten... Check out exclusive photos from the set that you won't see anywhere else... Get the inside story on the Superman costume-why they changed the S, why the Superman shield can't be touched and how Brandon Routh is the only man on the planet allowed to wear the costume.

  • Throw in a history of the Superman actors, a look at the upcoming video game, fan polls galore and the ultimate Superman trivia challenge and you've got a special issue that every Superman fan has to have.

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