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May 3, 2005: Bosworth Blistered

Sydney Confidential published the following article about Kate Bosworth suffering an injury that will see her out of commission for a few days...

    SEEMS the Man of Steel tag doesn't extend to Lois Lane.

    Kate Bosworth, who plays the reporter in the new Superman flick, has apparently put filming on hold as she recovers from... a blister.

    Bosworth fronted up to a Darlinghurst medical centre on Sunday with what was first suspected to be a broken foot.

    Confidential's spy said a Bosworth lacky arrived at the centre about midday to ensure the actress could see a doctor immediately.

    Bosworth arrived a short time later and was ushered straight into the doctor's office, keeping other patients waiting for 30 minutes.

    Apparently she had slammed her foot in a door.

    There was no break but the doc had to relieve a big blood blister under her toenail.

    She's not allowed to wear shoes for four days.

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