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Brandon Routh as Superman

July 18, 2005: USA Today on Bryan Singer's Casting Choices

USA Today reported on Bryan Singer's attendance at the San Diego Comic Con, and reported on his position regarding the three major cast members...

    Brandon Routh, 25, whose previous biggest role was on the soap One Life to Live, will fill the suit once molded to Christopher Reeve's muscular form.

    "When you're casting for Superman, you've got to believe the character stepped out of the comic book, stepped out of your collective memory of what Superman is to you," says Singer, appearing at the 36th Comic-Con International convention, where clips from his movie drew a standing ovation. (Related story: Superman Returns on the rebound)

    "To have a famous actor playing the role would be like having a movie or television star playing King Lear," Singer says. "It works, but the character is so big and so iconic that it serves you better to cast an unknown and shed the baggage that comes with a star."

    Singer is pleased to have snagged Oscar winner Kevin Spacey (American Beauty) to play criminal mastermind Lex Luthor. It's the first time the two have worked together since Spacey won an Oscar for The Usual Suspects, Singer's 1995 breakout film.

    "He's playing a wonderful combination of humor and villainy that nobody can do better than he can," Singer says.

    Kate Bosworth, 22, is cast as Lois Lane, even though in the original she was a seasoned reporter, older than Clark Kent. And in Superman Returns, time has advanced.

    "We're asking the audience to suspend their disbelief," Singer says. "But ultimately, yeah, it's taking the license and liberty you can with a movie where you also have a guy who puts glasses on and you think he's one person and he takes them off and you think he's another."

    In the movie, Lane has a boyfriend and a child. "They're not married," says Singer. "It's a prolonged engagement, with a child out of wedlock - very risqué."

Read the complete article at the USA Today website.

USA Today have also reported on other pieces of information Singer revealed at the Comic Con... most of it already mentioned on this site yesterday.

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