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Bryan Singer at Tropfest 2005

March 9, 2005: Bryan Singer's Comments from Wizard Magazine

Empire Online has published an excerpt from the 10-page Question and Answer interview with Bryan Singer in the Wizard Magazine "Mega Movie Issue" which is available today. Here's part of what Bryan had to say in regards to his interest in Superman and his take on the costume...

    Singer's respect comes from his years as a fan. "It came from probably seeing every single episode of the George Reeves series and then eventually just really loving the first movie," Singer said. "The first Superman is quite a classic to me. I remember that I saw it with my mother at 5 p.m. at the Prince Theater in New Jersey on the opening Friday. I was like, 'Wow.' As I look back at the film, so much of it is so wonderfully classic. What's great about it is that Donner put together an incredible cast. I mean, Glenn Ford, Jackie Cooper, Ned Beatty, Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Terence Stamp even in an introductory way."

    Singer has promised that his film will bring something fresh to the Superman world, but has promised not to stray too far from the traditional, and iconic, Superman costume. "Because he's an alien coming from another world," Singer explained, "and this suit he wears is a remnant of that world, not only can you get away with it, it's what should be. It's a costume that should be updated to some degree, but at the same time no more exaggerated than what George Reeves or Christopher Reeve wore. It won't be dated."

For more from Singer's interview, check out the massive 10-page Q+A with Singer in Wizard's Mega Movie Issue, with over 150 pages of comic movie coverage, available at comic stores everywhere today, March 9.

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