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Brandon on German TV

December 16, 2005: Brandon Routh German TV Interview

Superman-Returns.info has posted a video file of a German TV interview with Brandon Routh during his stay in Florence for the Olympic Torch Relay.

While Brandon speaks in English, the commentators speak over his words, translating them into German for their viewers. We've attempted to translate them back to English as best we could...

Woman's Voice:
"Superman Returns" is the name of the new adventure of the flying hero which starts next Summer. The movie supposedly cost over 250 Million Dollars which would make it the most expensive film of all time. Superman actor Brandon Routh gave an extensive interview:

Man's Voice (off screen):
"The sun rises for fans of Superman, alias Clark Kent. Finally someone was found that can embody their idol in a believable fashion. But the young actor Brandon Routh often felt a bit insecure in his new work clothes when not in front of the camera."

Brandon Routh:
"People would see you and expect that you would act all the time as Superman. But that would have been rather stupid. But I definitely felt differently as Superman waiting between shots and when I was Clark waiting between shots."

Man's Voice (off screen):
"Not an easy role for the 26 year old actor, he had to fill the large shoes of Christopher Reeve after all. He played the role in 4 movies between 1978 and 1986. He was paralyzed after a riding accident and died a year ago."

Brandon Routh:
"Bryan never said I should copy Christopher Reeve and I did not. But there are similarities between my portrayal and his in some instances"

Man's Voice (off screen):
"Superman Returns" is supposed to deliver not only action, but also an interesting story.

Brandon Routh:
They think 'Oh, it is Superman, this is going to be nice, it is after a comic book', but it is much more than that."

Man's Voice (off screen): [as Brandon is seen on a roof in Florence]
"Brandon Routh, really a worthy actor to depict a hero. With this small limitation - he does not appear to be as unafraid of heights as Superman."

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