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November 9, 2005: Superman Returns Official Site Online!

The official "Superman Returns" website has been launched!

The website contains a stack of new items, especially in the Downloads section, where you'll find 7 photos, 11 Wallpapers, 9 buddy icons, and a teaser poster to download.

Of huge interest to fans everywhere is the Worldwide Release Dates page, showing you when "Superman Returns" will be released in your country.

It appears Australia will be the first to see the movie (on June 29th), as will Malaysia, Puerto Rico, and Singapore. The United States and a host of other countries will see it on June 30th, with the U.K. having to wait until July 14th. Sadly if you live in Greece you'll be waiting the longest, as the movie doesn't premiere there until September 7th.

There's a nifty News page, which you can keep an eye on for any announcements. There's also a nicely designed page where you can watch all Bryan Singer's Video Journals. The movie synopsis is there, but there's no Teaser Trailer online as yet.

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