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April 14, 2005: Bands Look for Song to be Included in “Superman Returns” Soundtrack

It was announced today that the rock band Almighty Love Noise has just released the single entitled "Man of Steel" to be previewed on their web site.

The track was produced for possible inclusion in the highly anticipated new Warner Bros. film "Superman Returns" that is scheduled to be released in 2006.

Almighty Love Noise is currently working on touring this summer as well as putting together their next album that will include the new track "Man of Steel".

"We're really excited about our latest track, the song encompasses all that would be considered the man of steel, it's full of emotion and is probably one of the best songs that we've produced for 2005. We hope that Warner Bros. will find it a nice fit for "Superman Returns", said Almighty Love Noise leadman Swan.

To preview the "Man of Steel" go to www.almightylovenoise.com.

Here at the Superman Homepage we've received a number of Superman songs written by musical bands who are hoping to have them heard by Warner Bros. for possible inclusion in the new movie. Two bands that come to mind are Leopold with a song also titled "Man of Steel" and U.K. rock band Logan with their song "Superhero".

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