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August 9, 2005: TV Guide Interviews Bryan Singer

TV Guide Online have published a short interview with Bryan Singer in which he discusses the success of his TV show "House" and how that success has impacted on "Superman Returns".

    TV Guide: You're directing Superman Returns and producing House - how do you do it all?

    Singer: When I am away from House I get rough drafts of every script, I look through the rough cuts, participate in casting issues. But that's not all [I'm up to] - I am about to shoot a miniseries about the Bermuda Triangle.

    TV Guide: Hugh Laurie was supposed to play "Daily Planet" editor Perry White in the movie. What happened?

    Singer: He was until [House] got so popular. Now he has high-class problems. Frank Langella [who took his place] is terrific. And Brandon Routh [the new Superman/Clark Kent] is really great. He's the guy - emotionally, mentally and physically. One minute you have Clark Kent and the next minute you have the Man of Steel.

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