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April 30, 2005: Is Kevin Spacey in Australia?

On April 27th AintItCoolNews posted a report from a fan who lives in the Sydney suburb of Longueville and came across a location shoot for "Superman Returns". He noted items labelled "Lex Luthor", and guessed that Kevin Spacey may have been on set. It's highly unlikely that Kevin Spacey is in Australia yet, as he's scheduled to appear on stage in London on Tuesday (May 3rd) at the Old Vic Theatre.

Superman fan "Rastar", visited Longueville and emailed us this report...

    After reading about the location shoot in Longueville yesterday, I decided to go and look for any signs of the crew today. I drove around the area and very quickly came upon a couple of Thrifty Rental trucks parked in front of a large, restored mansion, on Northwood Road in Longueville (near Fleming Street). It was clear that filming had concluded and they were removing any props and sets that were installed for filming on Wednesday and Thursday. I asked a guy loading a van and he confirmed filming had ended there.

    The story that "Ain't It Cool News" ran, suggested Kevin Spacey might have been there for filming, but there was no way to confirm that today. If he is still in England doing his stage show, then perhaps the van with "Lex Luthor" on it was just that - a van with a sign on it and nothing more.

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