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Last Day of Filming

November 27, 2005: Last Day of Street Filming for “Superman Returns”

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper has published an article on "Superman Returns", as the final day of filming on the streets of Sydney took place yesterday in Sydney.

    "Superman Returns is likely to be more powerful than a locomotive at the box office here next year and it's already proven a winner for the NSW economy," said NSW State Development Minister John Watkins.

    "It's injected tens of millions worth of investment into the local film industry, and that means jobs and continuing growth for this sector of the state's economy."

    Mr Watkins said the film had created 800 local jobs and employed up to a further 1000 people in positions created by the production.

    Superman Returns is said to have employed 10,000 people during filming, with 60 sets operating continually on nine stages. Filming is expected to wrap up this weekend, with film crews spending their last days on the city streets.

    Yesterday, between 6am and 9pm - or 15 hours - a number of city blocks, radiating from Martin Place, were closed to traffic to allow filming.

Read the full article online at SMH.com.au.

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