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July 3, 2005: Actors Fly to Sydney for “Superman Returns”

With the announcement the other day of Ian Roberts being cast and filming his role as one of Lex Luthor's henchman, it's obvious that Lex Luthor himself, Kevin Spacey is also now in Australia, having temporarily left his role in London's Old Vic Theatre.

Kal Penn, who is also starring as one of Lex Luthor's "employees", has revealed on his official Blog at the NameSake website that he too is currently in Australia, and will return to the U.S. in August once his role in "Superman Returns" is complete.

Meanwhile, Andrew Nemeth reports on the VR shoot he did on the Daily Planet set...

    Last month I shot QTVRs of the interior and exterior "Daily Planet" set. The second time I was there I was given a (good natured) pestering by the crew for being the only guy who still uses film (Leica M6TTL + 16mm R fisheye). FWIW I rubbed it in by defiantly using a mechanical stop watch for the night shots (4-30 secs each). Lots of head shaking over that one :?)

    Interestingly, parts of the interior set were lit by very strong, uneven light. (Think a bank of 14x 20KW floods along one side of the room with no fill on the other side!) Really stretched my film (and would have completely overwhelmed a DSLR), but no problems for the DP.

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