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February 17, 2005: NSW Premier Way Behind on Superman Status

The Herald Sun newspaper has published a very puzzling report today in Australia (Feb 18th).

To give non-Australian readers a clearer picture of what the following report discusses, I should inform you that Sydney is the capital of the state of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia. The Premier of NSW is Bob Carr.

The Herald Sun's report titled "Carr in Superman Talks" states...

    The New South Wales Government will meet with US filmmakers today to discuss the possibility of shooting a new Superman movie in the state.

    The Red Sun would be the most expensive and biggest film to be made in NSW since the Matrix sequels which contributed more than $200 million to the state economy and supported up to 6,000 jobs.

    Premier Bob Carr said the film was yet to receive the green-light from Warner Bros but the meeting today would help to coordinate shoot locations.

    Major photography is likely to take place at Fox Studios with outdoor shooting expected to take place in a variety of suburban and regional locations.

    Mr Carr said the "round table" meeting was also designed to help cut red tape for the filmmakers.

    "It was the premier's round table that smoothed, the way for the Matrix films," he said.

    "We want to cut red tape and get things moving.

    "We want to see big budget North American and European films shot here."

    Mr Carr said the filmmakers would require the cooperation of various government departments such as the NSW Police and the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA).

    The Premier's Department's senior officer Peter Loxon will chair and organise the meeting which will bring together the relevant agencies involved and hear from the Red Sun team as to what exactly will be required to make the film.

This newspaper report seems to be poorly researched... It seems a purely politically motivated piece to help drive home the fact that the Premier of the state of New South Wales is bringing in new jobs, more money, and big business to the state. It's old news repurposed for political gain. Perhaps a meeting has indeed been held today between the NSW government and Bryan Singer's team, but beyond that this article seems poorly researched.

"Red Sun" is the name of the Production Company, not the name of the film. Sets for Smallville scenes have already begun construction in northern NSW (in the town of Breeza). "Superman Returns" is already listed as being booked into Fox Studios in Sydney with the Australian Film Commission.

This news article only paints Bob Carr and the Herald Sun in a poor light, and misleads readers as to the true nature of production on the new Superman movie. I have emailed the Editor of the Herald Sun newspaper with my thoughts on this matter.

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