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April 19, 2005: Jack is Back!

BlueTights.net posted the following report on their website:

    Hey guys, a bit of news today on another Super-Alumnist. We're hearing from a source close to the production that Jack Larson will be making a cameo appearance in "Superman Returns" as a bartender. Larson hails back to the "Adventures of Superman" TV series from the fifties, in which he played Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen.

    Larson will be back with his fellow "Adventures" co-star Noel Niell, who's already been cast in a cameo role in Superman Returns.

I can confirm that Jack will indeed be in the movie. This was one of the questions I'd asked of Bryan Singer during the shoot on April 16th in Sydney. I didn't report on it at the time, because I got a feeling that Bryan was hoping that this would remain somewhat of a surprise for the fans.

It should be noted that Noel Neill's role is in fact more than just a cameo role in the movie as reported in the BlueTights.net report. Her role is a pivotal one in relation to Lex Luthor.

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