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Brandon Routh as Superman

May 6, 2005: MSN Compares Superman's New Costume to Other Superhero Costumes

MSN Entertainment ask the question "How does Superman's new look stack up?" in an indepth article that compares all the costumes worn in major comic book movies in recent years. Here's the introduction...

    Who knew, all those years ago, that simple Kansas farmer Martha Kent would become such a world-renowned fashion designer? Using the blankets wrapped around her little adopted alien baby Clark, she turned boldly colored remnants from Krypton into the most recognizable super-suit in comic-book history. And as many professional wrestlers will tell you, it's not easy pulling off a tight-fitting super-suit.

    Yet, decade after decade, Superman has done just that. And so have thousands of other muscle-bound mutants, do-gooder freaks and batty vigilantes, all of whom seem to have contracts with major movie studios.

    Now that a new movie version - and a new costume - are on the horizon for Superman, those of us who care about such things wondered: How does Martha Kent's work stack up among today's superheroes? Let's take a look atClark's new outfit, plus the wardrobes for other comic-book icons. Even super powers can't protect you from the fashion police.

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