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August 3, 2005: Pranksters Cause Havoc on “Superman Returns” Set

The Daily Telegraph has published a report on how a bunch of pranksters stole walkie-talkies from the set of "Superman Returns" and nearly caused serious injuries to extras and stunt personnel...

    A BREAK-IN on the set of Superman Returns, in which the crew's walkie talkies were stolen, forced filming to be halted.

    Pranksters caused chaos during a stunt sequence, being filmed in Martin Place last week, by shouting "cut" and "action" over the airwaves, writes Michael Bodey.

    It's believed the thieves with the walkie talkies listened in to much of the night's filming to learn key phrases which they later yelled at key moments.

    Unfortunately, the mischief almost caused serious injury, with the night's filming centering on a Mustang car jumping down steps and landing between extras. It stopped dangerously a number of times.

    Two reinforced Mustangs were used for the stunts and one of them broke a crankshaft on landing and had to be carted away by a forklift.

    After a couple of close shaves, production was shut down while the second unit, staffed predominantly by Australians, changed all the radio frequencies on the walkie talkies.

    A duty officer at The Rocks police station said no robbery or disturbance had been reported by the crew "although that film's got so much money, a couple of missing walkie talkies wouldn't worry them."

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