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June 9, 2005: James Marsden on his Role in “Superman Returns”

About.com have published an interview with James Marsden (who plays Richard White in "Superman Returns") and reveals some spoilerish info about his character, Lois Lane, and the young child seen in some set photos...

SPOILER WARNING: Don't read this interview if you don't want to learn some inside information about "Superman Returns".

    Then James Marsden Reveals Richard White's Role in Superman Returns: "Superman's gone for a while. He comes back to find, in Bryan Singer's words, Lois Lane with somebody who's very Superman-esque. There's a lot of similarities, so Lois Lane is engaged to this guy. They have a child together. It is emotionally a challenge for Superman to come back and see, I think because Lois has moved on with her life and she's with somebody else."

Read the complete interview at About.com.

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