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James Marsden

October 30, 2005: James Marsden Talks “Superman Returns”

Newsweek caught a quick interview with James Marsden before he flew back out to Australia to continue work on "Superman Returns". The actor answered a few quick questions about the project...

    Q: You're shooting the new "Superman" movie, right?

    A: Yes, one of these gigantic movies. It takes an eternity to finish - we started in March.

    Q: And you play Lois Lane's fiancé?

    A: They have a child together - and Superman comes back and sees the love of his life is moving on. That's basically all I can say. They make you sign these lengthy confidentiality agreements.

    Q: How is Superman different than the "X-Men" films, which are also directed by Bryan Singer.

    A: Bryan creates an atmosphere around him. He has a certain directing style that he has obviously carried over. I think that the tone of “Superman” is going to be a bit more fun and light.

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