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July 4, 2005: Bald Spacey and Bryan Singer at the Movies

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Kevin Spacey was seen in public on Sunday night... and he was indeed bald!

    Kevin Spacey should try a new disguise. The actor, who is in Sydney to play Lex Luthor in Superman Returns, which is being filmed at Fox Studios, was among the eager fans queuing up to see War of the Worlds on Sunday night. His head shaved, Spacey was wearing an odd-looking green corduroy cap and was scurrying into the Hoyts cinema complex in the city with Bryan Singer, the director of Superman Returns, who was also wearing headwear in the form of a ski cap.

    While most onlookers failed to recognise the powerful Hollywood duo, Spike's operative managed to make a positive ID of the pair, who had gone to a lot of effort to appear incognito.

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