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July 20, 2005: “Tomorrow's Memoir” Wins Comic-Con Award

The independently made film titled "Tomorrow's Memoir" won the 'Best Comics-Oriented Film' award at the 2005 San Diego Comic Con.

Reminiscent of "Kingdom Come", the film (an obvious tribute to Superman) runs for 27 minutes, and while never actually mentioning Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, or Bruce Wayne, it makes obvious who the characters are in a clever roundabout way.

The synopsis reads:

    An elderly man reflects on his unusual past and the choices he's made, while a mysterious crisis develops within his city. He is a man with secrets, bitterness, lies, and regret. And he's being watched.

Congratulations to Jim Cliffe and the cast and crew.

Watch "Tomorrow's Memoir" at the official website.

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