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January 25, 2005: “Smallville” and “Superman Returns” Won't Conflict

SCI FI Wire have heard from "Smallville" executive producer Mile Millar that it's all smooth sailing between the hit WB TV series and the up-coming Superman movie...

    The formerly chilly relations between the show's creative staff and the feature development team at Warner Brothers have thawed since Bryan Singer signed on to direct a new Superman Returns movie. "It's been much better," Millar said in an interview at The WB's winter press preview in Burbank, Calif. "Bryan Singer's a fan of the show, and we sat down and had dinner with him and the writers of the movie [Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris], who we know as well. There's been much more of a dialogue than there was with the J.J. [Abrams] and McG movie. So it's been much better, and we really feel that we're attuned and aligned and know what each other is doing so we don't step on each other's toes. So we're really happy with how it's going."

Read more at the SCI FI Wire website.

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