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April 28, 2005: More Casting News for “Superman Returns”

According to her official website, Barb Angell has signed on to play the part of "Polly" in Superman Returns.

A member of the Australian Writers' Guild Barb is Australian born but lived and worked in the U.K. for more than 20 years before returning to Australia under contract to work for the Grundy Television organization, then forming her own company Angell Productions Pty Limited.

It's unknown at this point in time just who "Polly" is or what role she plays in the movie.

Meanwhile, rumors persist that Hugh Jackman has signed on to play Jonathan Kent in "Superman Returns"... It's anticipated that (if this is true) it'd only be for short flash-back scenes as Jonathan Kent is dead in this continuity (following on from "Superman: The Movie").

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