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December 12, 2005: Entertainment Weekly on “Superman Returns”

Issue #853 of Entertainment Weekly (Dec 9th) has an article in the News & Notes section of the magazine titled "Monster Budgets", in which it discusses the budgets for movies such as King Kong, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and of course, Superman Returns.

This article has Superman Returns at US$185 million, with both Pirates 2 ($200 million) and King Kong ($207 million) listed as being more expensive. While other reports have the latest Harry Potter installment as being more expensive than Superman Returns, EW lists The Goblet of Fire as having a budget of $130 million.

In further Entertainment Weekly news, issue #854 (Dec 16th) includes an article where it rates several recent movie trailers and Superman Returns scored an impressive "A", with the following comments:

    Marlon Brando's narration (plus gobs of messianic imagery) promises nothing less than a Second Coming.

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