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February 8, 2005: Kal Penn Casting Confirmed

Yesterday we reported that it was rumored that Kal Penn (of "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle" fame) has been cast in the new Superman movie. Today we can confirm that he has indeed signed up to play a role in "Superman Returns".

Mira Nair ("Vanity Fair"), the director of Kal Penn's new movie "Namesake", told Rediff.com:

    "Kal's film 'Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle' was a hit and all the 13-year-olds in America know and love him," she said. "'Namesake' will be his first dramatic role. He is an extraordinary actor. He has just signed on as Superman's best friend in the new movie called 'Superman Returns'. As soon as he finishes shooting for Namesake, he will shoot for that. So by the time 'Namesake' comes out next year, everyone will know Kal Penn, which will be great for us!"

UPDATE: We have received official word from Penn's publicist that he will not be playing Superman's best friend as quatoed above, he has actually been cast as a character called "Riley", Lex Luthor's lead henchman.

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