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May 26, 2005: “Superman Returns” in Dodger Stadium

IESB.net have learnt that filming for "Superman Returns" isn't only going on in Australia, as there's some second unit filming being conducted in Los Angeles.

    World famous Dodger Stadium is the place to be for the next few days if you are a Superman fan. Three different baseball games are being filmed for a very critical scene in the upcoming feature. This is second unit filming not principal photography.

    A source tells us that filming will continue through Saturday but the stars of the film will not be on hand. This is a technical shoot that involves plenty of special effects in the finished cut.

For those wondering why Bryan Singer would need to set up a second unit filming crew in LA, for this, it should be noted that Baseball is not a major sport in Australia and therefore there are no Baseball Stadiums like Dodger Stadium where they could shoot such a scene.

Meanwhile, the San Diego Magazine is reporting that the old Rohr plant in Chula Vista could get one last hurrah before it's torn down, as Hollywood sources say the waterfront facility is on the short list of spots to be blown up for a scene in "Superman Returns".

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