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August 8, 2005: U.K. Superman DVD and TV News

U.K. fans should note that the complete collection of all four Christopher Reeve Superman movies are now available in a box set edition for Region 2 DVD players.

Play.com have "The Complete Superman Collection" available online for £23.99 delivered to your door.

Strangely "Superman III" and "Superman IV" are not yet available separately for individual sale.

Meanwhile, following the release of "Superman: Last Son of Krypton" on region 2 DVD, Volume 2: "A Little Piece of Home" is now set for an October 9th release and is avaliable for pre-order from Play.com as well.

U.K. fans can also see "The New Adventures of Superman" on BBC 2 from 11.00am every morning during the Summer holidays.

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