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March 29, 2005: Time Magazine on Bryan Singer's Online Video Diaries

Time Magazine has published an article by journalist Lev Grossman on the trend of recent film directors to release video journals online to document their journey as they make their movies. Here's part of what was written about Bryan Singer...

    "It's the same reason I like to invite friends to set," says Singer of why he agreed to do bluetights.net "It exposes the amazing technical and sometimes emotional theater that's involved in making films of this type." But is there such a thing as too much information? Does it deplete the movie's magic? On the Superman Returns blog, we see Stephan Bender as young Superman, working in the flying harness and trying to keep his dignity intact, not to mention other sensitive parts of his anatomy. "Nothing's comfortable," the stunt coordinator admits. If you ever believed a man can fly, you may want to skip that entry.

Read the entire article at the Time website.

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