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Teresa Palmer

December 12, 2007: Justice League Movie Tidbits

Teresa Palmer played coy with the Herald Sun regarding whether or not she's been cast in the up-coming Justice League movie...

    Rumours abound that Palmer has been cast as Talia Al Ghul in the superhero film. While she would not reveal details of her new project, Palmer did confirm she had auditioned for JLA.

    "The actresses who tested for the film did not test for any specific role," Palmer said. "There are three female roles, I believe, in that movie and all the girls tested for any one of those female roles."

The three roles she refers to are likely Talia Al Ghul, Wonder Woman, and Iris Allen.

Meanwhile, MovieHole.net has posted a rumor that the movie's title (or perhaps more likely, its working title) is "American Heroes".

UPDATE: Apparently Christian Bale was the one who started the "American Heroes" thing. During a radio interview Bale confirmed he wasn't involved in the JLA film, but called it "American Heroes"; a title the Justice League comics were once published under in international markets (like the U.K.). So perhaps Bale was just using that old title from personal memory.

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