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February 9, 2007: Examining the Environmental Visual Effects on “Superman Returns”

Variety has published an article in which they discuss with Derek Spears from Rhythm and Hues about the environmental visual effects employed in "Superman Returns"... effects such as digital water and clouds. Here's part of the article...

    Spears also points to the bubbles around the island and the sinking yacht.

    "The green churn gave it depth and made it feel like it's a real transparent fluid."

    The ocean scenes aren't the only digital environments in the film.

    When Superman flies, he moves through digital clouds and skies.

    That's a big change from the 1970s, when effects pros were busy designing airborne rigs to shoot real clouds.

    You have to find the right place and time of day to shoot them," says Stetson, "and some of the camera moves we did are nearly impossible, to get close to Superman's face as he's diving through clouds at hundreds of miles an hour."

Read the complete article at the Variety website.

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