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February 9, 2007: Noel Neill's Concerns About “Hollywoodland”

Noel Neill is well known to Superman fans as Lois Lane from the 1950s "Adventures of Superman" TV series. Miss Neill also starred as Lois Lane in the earlier Superman Serials with Kirk Alyn, has appeared in cameo roles in "Superman: The Movie", the live-action "Superboy" TV series, and played the role of Gertrude Vanderworth in "Superman Returns".

The Superman Homepage is thrilled to be able to bring you this exclusive interview with Noel Neill regarding her thoughts on the movie "Hollywoodland" and how it portrays her colleague and friend George Reeves.

    Q: I read with interest in a recent interview with "Hollywoodland" screenwriter Paul Bernbaum where he claims you didn't much like the movie. What are your main points of contention with how George Reeves' life was portrayed in the film?

    A: It's not that I didn't like the movie - I actually thought for the most part it was well-written, well-directed and nicely photographed - what I didn't care for was how my friend George Reeves was portrayed. The George Reeves they portrayed beared no resemblance to the George Reeves I worked with, cared about and knew. I didn't see any of George's wit, charm, warmth, humor, intelligence or charitable spirit of giving to others in that film. First and foremost, George truly cared about the welfare of children, and I didn't see that aspect in the film. George's always upbeat and always positive personality didn't come through here, either. He was pretty much the person you saw on the screen: caring, professional, and often very humorous. I worked with George on the show from 1953 to the end of the run, and we traveled the fair circuit together in 1957 for many weeks, so I knew George well, and he simply was not the depressed, suicidal drunkard that was presented in this film.

Read the complete interview with Noel Neill right here at the Superman Homepage!

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