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August 27, 2007: Superman Sequel Movie Pitch

Film Ick has posted a report claiming they've received information from a source within Warner Bros. on just what Bryan Singer pitched to the WB execs for his next Superman movie titled "Superman: The Man of Steel". Here's an excerpt from the report...

    There's a new Kryptonian character coming to Earth as a result of Supes' pilrgimage to Krypton that took place before Returns.

    Lex makes a deal with "a new villain" (I read this as new to the films, not new to the mythos, and indeed I have some idea who it is...) in order to have Superman eradicated. This villain double crosses Lex and takes over Lexcorp (yep - sounds like Brainiac to me too). What's more, Jason is a key part in the plot to trap Superman and...

    Poor little Jason. He's snuffed out. That should have some of you cheering, you fiends.

Read more at the Film Ick website.

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