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January 11, 2007: “Superman Returns” and “Smallville” Nominated for VES Awards

Variety reports that both "Superman Returns" and "Smallville" have received nominations in this year's Visual Effects Society awards.

"Superman Returns" received a nomination in the "Outstanding Special Effects in a Motion Picture" category, while "Smallville" was nominated for the "Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series" award for the Season 6 opening episode "Zod".

The exact nomination text and the opposition "Superman Returns" and "Smallville" are up against are as follows:

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series
"Battlestar Galactica" - Episode 303b "Exodus" - Gary Hutzel, Michael Gibson, Alec McClymont, Brenda Campbell
"Prehistoric Park" - Episode 4 - George Roper, Matt Fox, Laurent Hugueniot, Kevin Spruce
"Smallville" - Season 6, Episode 1 "Zod" - Mat Beck, Brian Harding, Trent Smith, John Wash

Outstanding Special Effects in a Motion Picture
"Casino Royale" - Chris Corbould, Peter Notley, Ian Lowe, Roy Quinn
"Superman Returns" - Neil Corbould, David Brighton, David Young, Robert Higgie

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