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September 6, 2007: Christopher Reeve Documentary DVD Coming in November

Variety reports that a 2-part documentary titled "Hope in Motion", made by Matthew Reeve about his father's struggle to walk again, will be released on DVD on November 6, 2007.

    Art Alliance America's "Hope in Motion" contains two parts of a planned three-part series. Reeve died before the third seg could be completed. The first aired on ABC in 2002, earning an Emmy nom.

    "It's incredibly inspirational," said Joe Amodei, prexy of Arts Alliance. "As much as many of us think we know this story, you see things here that you've never seen. I was always a fan of him as an actor and I followed his story but I never knew after his accident that he could do things like raise his arms up and this film shows the progress he made by just continuing to fight against the odds."

    Shot over a two-year period and running about 102 minutes, the two-parter paints a detailed portrait of Christopher and Dana Reeve in the aftermath of his paralyzing 1995 fall from a horse. It features interviews with Christopher Reeve, his doctors, and footage of his rehabilitation sessions, where the moving of a finger constitutes a highly dramatic moment.

Read the complete article at the Variety.com website.

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