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Superman: Doomsday DVD Cover

July 31, 2007: Review - “Superman: Doomsday”

By Neal Bailey

Superman: Doomsday surprised the hell out of me. To be quite honest, I haven't really enjoyed much Superman animation at all since the original series, and even then it was good, but nothing to set a clock for. I enjoyed it, but I didn't sit at the TV every time it was on. I watched at my leisure. Expecting this kind of fare, I stepped into Superman: Doomsday excited, but ready to tear it a new one, given the fact that we couldn't get a screener, they were about to rip apart the favorite comic story of my childhood into little chunks not resembling the original, and that it had... James Marsters as Lex?

I walked out of the theater blown away by the fact that I had truly enjoyed the film with little exception, and will probably be purchasing it. It'll be the first animated movie I've bought since The Iron Giant, and while I'm not putting it in that class, I'll certainly say it's a good watch for any Superman fan.

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