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October 16, 2007: Gregory Noveck Answers Superhero Movie Questions

VoicesFromKrypton.com has published an interview with Gregory Noveck, senior Vice President Creative Affairs for DC Comics, who, among other things, is the liaison between DC and Warner Bros.

Noveck answers questions regarding the relationship between the two entities and moves into discussions of the idea of multiple actors playing characters like Superman and Batman simultaneously, and why Tom Welling won't be playing the Man of Steel in Justice League. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: I've read some of those earlier versions of the Superman script - Tim Burton as director? Nicolas Cage as Superman? What were they thinking? Even earlier today, there was the Hollywood Reporter story where they're saying that 19 and 20 years olds are auditioning for Justice League. Does that kind of thing concern you guys at all?

    GREGORY NOVECK: Don't believe everything you read. Some of it may be true, some of it may not be. But I can tell you they're not casting a 19-year-old as Superman. Most of the actors they're looking at are in their late '20s.

    Q: And then there are all of those Internet rumors about Tom Welling being cast as Superman...

    GREGORY NOVECK: Not happening, if for no other reason than it would just confuse the issue.

Read the complete interview at VoicesFromKrypton.com.

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