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November 18, 2007: Scott Porter Denies Knowledge of “Justice League” Superman Role

ComicsContinuum.com spoke with Scott Porter at this weekend's Wizard World Texas convention and asked him about the rumors that he'd been cast as Superman for the "Justice League" movie. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: So what can you say about these reports about you being cast as Superman in Justice League?

    Porter: I haven't been contacted. When I tested, I tested for the role of The Flash, which I lost to Adam Brody. At this point, Superman is purely rumor and speculation as far as I'm concerned, although I do want to buy a Superman shirt today and wear it to mess with people.

    Q: You auditioned for The Flash?

    Porter: What happened with George Miller (Justice League's director), there were about 32 of us, and he just said, "We're having a test." I don't know if he had a specific role until we got there. None of us knew the specific role until we got there. The Flash was written next to my name when I was there, so that's what I was under the assumption I auditioning for, although they did say that it was kind of a blanket test. There was one scene and everybody did the same scene, so we could have been auditioning for any role.

    Q: If this was true, you'd probably hear by tomorrow?

    Porter: If this is true, I'd probably be in Mexico tomorrow wondering how I got here. The extent of the options, everybody had to sign a test deal, a holding contract, and they have an exclusive option on a lot of us. And they've asked to extend them, so I'm expecting the actual official announcement to come out sometime this week, but you can't really hold me to that because I'm not Warner Bros. Who knows when they're going to make the announcement?

You can read the complete interview at ComicsContinuum.com.

In other "Justice League" movie news, Film Crew Victoria - Crew and Film Technicians recent newsletter revealed that Lesley Vanderwalt will be the head of the makeup design, having worked before with director George Miller on Mad Max and Happy Feet. Vanderwalt has also worked on the Star Wars movies and Ghost Rider.

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