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October 12, 2007: Bruce Timm and Stan Berkowitz Talk “Justice League: New Frontier”

Newsarama.com has published the 2nd part of their Q&A with Bruce Timm, who answered fan questions about various topics, including this one about the up-coming "Justice League: New Frontier" animated movie...

    Q: How close will the animation style be to Darwyn Cooke's art style?

    BT: It was a lot easier translating Darwyn's animation style than a lot of other artists we've been looking at, because Darwyn's style is kind of a weird sideways offshoot of the kind of style we established on Batman: The Animated Series a long, long time ago. Of course, Darwyn's got a lot of his own personal touches he's added but, for lack of a better term, his style is a little bit more cartoony than most of the artists in the comic business today. So we definitely had a leg up on adapting his style for the movie.

Read the complete interview at Newsarama.com.

Meanwhile, VoicesFromKrypton.com has posted an audio interview with Stan Berkowitz about "Justice League: New Frontier".

    Although Warner Bros.' direct-to-DVD animated film Justice League: New Frontier will not be released until February 2008, Voices From Krypton has a brief interview with Stan Berkowitz, the writer chosen to adapt Darwyn Cooke's classic comic adventure.

Listen to the audio interview at VoicesFromKrypton.com.

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