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November 6, 2007: Superman Movie Sequel News

ThisIsNorthScotland.co.uk reports that Brandon Routh recently revealed that the sequel to "Superman Returns" would also be delayed by the WGA strikes currently hitting Hollywood.

    Superman actor Brandon Routh has revealed the film's sequel could be delayed after talks between screenwriters and studio representatives failed to resolve a dispute over royalties.

    Brandon explained that his second Superman movie: "[Is] supposed to be happening. They're going to be getting the script written here after the writer's strike, so we'll start next year some time."

    The Writers Guild of America asked its 12,000 members to stop working and set up picket lines until the issue is resolved, which will have a ripple effect not only on movies but also US TV shows.

    Back in 1988, the last strike by screenwriters lasted 22 weeks. This time around most of Hollywood is hoping for a swift solution, particularly Brandon: "All the more power to the writers, everybody wants their fair share but I just trust we can get it done quicker - sooner rather than later."

You can read the report at the This is North Scotland website.

Thanks to JC Peralta for the lead on this story.

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