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November 15, 2007: World Premiere of “Justice League: The New Frontier”

The world premiere of "Justice League: The New Frontier" will screen at WonderCon, February 22-24, at Moscone Center South in San Francisco.

The DVD goes on sale in the U.S. on February 26, 2008, a few days after WonderCon. Both creator Darwyn Cooke and executive producer Bruce Timm will be special guests at WonderCon 2008.

    It's the decade-spanning story of the dawn of the DC Silver Age interwoven with the American and world history from the end of World War II, through the 1950s and up to the dawn of JFK's own "new frontier." It tells the tale of the birth of the new DC heroes, including Flash, Green Lantern and the formation of the Justice League of America. Along the way, we meet some of DC's other period heroes, the Blackhawks, the Challengers of the Unknown, and the original Suicide Squad, as they stand alongside the company's mainstays, Superman, Batman and Robin, and Wonder Woman.

WonderCon sat down with Darwyn Cooke, DC Comics President and Publisher Paul Levitz, and DC Senior VP-Creative Affairs Gregory Noveck to ask them about this new animated film.

New Frontier New Frontier New Frontier New Frontier

Thanks to Nathaniel Ruff (Nate1986) for the lead on this info.

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