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February 1, 2007: O'Halloran Talks Donner Cut and Boxing Career

In a very interesting 2-part interview, RingSideReport.com talks with Jack O'Halloran about his impressive boxing career, his acting career, his thoughts on "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut" and "Superman Returns". Here a few excerpts from part 2 of the interview...

    Q: In the Donner cut, I really enjoyed how Superman was questioning his Father, which you never saw in the Lester cut or anywhere else.

    It's a Father-son deal. It was never supposed to be a Mother-son deal. It was a Father-son deal for God's sake. So the entire premise of what they did was that they screwed up the entire deal and it's really, really, really sad. It really made a lot of people angry, and I went back and finished two because that is what you do as a professional. You do what you are paid to do, and you do your job, and you do it the best that you can.

    I didn't get along with Lester. I didn't like Lester. I didn't think that he was a good Director. Nobody did.

    Q: I think that it is obvious now when you compare the Donner cut versus the Lester cut. There is no comparison.

    They way to do it is to look at Superman II, Lester's cut, and then look at the Donner cut right after it, and then you will really see the difference. I can imagine that if Donner had the chance, to do the shots that he wanted to shoot, and to really do that movie the way that he wanted to, it would have been awesome. It would have been awesome, and it would have left the door open for three, but it is such stupid %@$# that they do. It is really sad. It is so, so, sad.

Read the complete interview at the Ring Side Report website.

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