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September 27, 2007: More Justice League Movie Spoilers

UGO's "Back Row Chatter" feature reveals and updates us on some Justice League movie spoilers today, with confirmation that Aquaman will be in the movie, and clarification on a recent rumor about an object in the movie.

    Third, the recent storyline using the Brother Eye satellite and how it was used against the world within the pages of Infinite Crisis/Identity Crisis is serving as the foundation for the JLA storyline. That doesn't mean that the movie's plot will mirror the comic book storylines identically but if you look close you will see the similarities. Batman created Brother Eye to watch over the superhumans on the planet, someone appropriates it and uses it against Earth's population. Just as the third X-Men movie borrowed some elements from the legendary "Dark Phoenix Saga" it also wasn't an identical translation of the material.

    Fourth and finally, our source allowed us to reveal a couple of hints as to who the Justice League believes the villain lurking behind the curtain is: they have a three letter first name and they've already been introduced in a DC superhero movie. Sort of. Saying anything further spoils the surprise.

Go to UGO.com to view the complete spoiler information.

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