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February 7, 2007: Ben Affleck Speaks About Playing George Reeves

TVGuide.com has published an interview with Ben Affleck about his role as George Reeves in the movie "Hollywoodland", which was released on DVD yesterday. Here are a few excerpts from the interview...

    Q: What was it like putting on the Superman outfit?

    Affleck: In the course of my research I got deeper into how Reeves felt about the suit: He felt humiliated by it. I made the suit a representation of shame and thwarted ambition. By the time I was wearing it, it wasn't about being a caped crusader, it was about bearing the scarlet letter of shame, that [Reeves] wasn't a serious actor [because he] was doing a kiddie TV serial.

    Q: What was it like playing a real person?

    Affleck: I have a lot of respect for George. I felt he didn't really get a fair shake in life, so I wanted this to be a movie where he got a fair shake. I didn't want to exploit him or do anything frivolously. But as an actor, I do think you have an obligation - it's not like you're doing a Stalin biography - to be about truth.

    Q: Did you try to get his voice down?

    Affleck: I watched all 104 Superman shows, some more than once. Then I had them broken up and edited out just his lines, put them on an iPod and grouped them by year. Then I associated each year by his emotions, so it was, like, all the angry lines from 1951, and I'd listen to them over and over again. I was able to put together a complete George Reeves voice-emotions bible, and I pounded it into my head. I didn't even have to think about George's voice, it was what I heard when I woke up in the morning. [Laughs]

Read the entire interview at the TVGuide.com website.

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