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February 10, 2007: “Superman Returns” VFX Supervisor Mark Stetson Interview

CGSociety.org has published an interview with "Superman Returns" VFX Supervisor Mark Stetson about the movie's Oscar nomination for best Visual Effects and the 15 minute reel he had to put together for the Academy's "bakeoff". Here's part of the interview...

    "I cut Superman's fight with Lex Luthor," he says, "and instead went from Lex stepping out onto the ledge all the way to the cliff side where Superman falls off. We have a close-up of his face when he starts to fall. I'm sure no one knows that's a digital shot."

    The plan had been to use a greenscreen shot of Brandon Routh (Superman) falling into a bag, but the in-camera stunt didn't work. Instead, Imageworks created a digital Superman. "Because Imageworks did a terrific job with digital Superman, we were able to make the best choices for the film," Stetson says. "We always tried to use Brandon, but when we couldn't, we could use CG to improve the shot."

Read the complete interview at the CGSociety website.

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