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September 19, 2007: Wolfgang Peterson Remembers “Batman vs Superman”

iF Magazine has published an interview with Director Wolfgang Peterson in which he makes mention of "Batman vs Superman", a film he was close to making around the time he took on "Troy". Peterson talks about his ideas for the movie and how close he came to actually making it...

    "I was very close to doing BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN and TROY with Warner Bros. and I said 'let me do both,'" says Peterson. "One first, then the other. I didn't have to make a decision, because they pulled the idea of BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, because they got nervous that maybe [they should] start with an individual Superman film and Batman film. At one point, maybe when I'm 80 I'll get to do BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN with a real old Christian Bale."

    As for the director's take on it, he admits the dynamic was quite similar to the one between Achilles and Hector in TROY.

    "It's two things in your own chest fighting each other -- the good and the bad, the light and the dark," says Peterson. "Superman is more the light creature and Batman is the dark creature of the night. Both are heroic people. To see if they would come together into a story, where they come from different planets so to speak, how would the dynamic between these two go. How would they conflict with each other. You're always in a conflict and how would they work together. The dynamic between these different characters work and still do. They did it in the comics some times, but I think for a big motion picture, a BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN film could be really interesting."

You can read the complete Wolfgang Peterson interview at iF Magazine's website.

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