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August 19, 2007: WB to Fast Track Justice League Movie?

IESB.net has posted a report claiming that Warner Bros. are eager to fast track the "Justice League" movie into production as early as the first quarter of 2008.

    The JLA script has been received with open arms by Warners and the goal is for the film to be the launching point for The Flash, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern and Aquaman as well as rejuvenate Superman.

    When do the powers-that-be want to start production on Justice League? Apparently, as soon as the first quarter of 2008, that's right, WB sources have informed the IESB that execs behind the Justice League of America want it to be in production as early as February/March 2008 to be ready for a summer of 2009 release.

IESB.net goes on to speculate what this means for the sequel to "Superman Returns", which is also slated to start production around May 2008 according to Bryan Singer and his writing team.

I guess we'll all just have to wait for an official announcement from Warner Bros. before anybody knows for sure what the situation really is.

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