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November 8, 2007: Costumes and Special Effects News for Justice League Movie

ObsessedWithFilm.com reports that Marit Allen (Hulk, Brokeback Mountain, Love in the Time of Cholera) has signed on as costume designer for the "Justice League" movie.

They also report that various effects houses, including WETA Digital and Animal Logic (Happy Feet, The Matrix) are putting in bids for the special effects work on the movie.

The principal effects house on the film is Sony Pictures Imageworks (Spider-Man movies, Superman Returns, Monster House, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the upcoming Beowulf) with Ken Ralston (The Polar Express, Cast Away) acting as visual effects supervisor.

Meanwhile, VoicesFromKrypton.com spoke with "Justice League" Art Director Damien Drew (who is working alongside Production Designer Owen Paterson and Supervising Art Director Hugh Bateup) for a brief interview, though his confidentiality agreement with Warner Bros. prevents him from speaking specifically about Justice League, he does talk about his body of work, which includes "Superman Returns".

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