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July 3, 2007: Will Another Singer Movie Delay Next Superman Film?

RottenTomatoes.com reports that Bryan Singer's producers claim that the next Superman movie will be pushed back to allow Singer to make "The Mayor of Castro Street" after his current "Valkyrie" film.

    "The next Superman, that's a ways off," claimed Meron, with Zadan adding. "Don't worry about it. Trust me. We may even start preproduction on Harvey Milk while he's on post production on the Tom Cruise movie."

    These boys are determined to make their movie, comic books be damned. "We've been working on that for 15 years," said Meron. "It started off with Oliver Stone and Robin Williams. Now it's Bryan Singer directing, Chris McQuarrie writing the script."

Stay tuned for more information as we try to uncover the truth behind this rumor.

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