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January 17, 2007: Dougherty Says More Action in “Superman Returns” Sequel

Sci Fi Wire caught up with "Superman Returns" co-writer Michael Dougherty and asked him who the villain would be in "Superman: The Man of Steel", the (tentatively named) sequel to "Superman Returns"...

    "We're talking," Dougherty said. "We're bouncing ideas around with Bryan. Big ideas. Action-packed ideas."

    "I think it's going to be a more action-oriented film," he said. "Again, the easy comparison to make was [X-Men] to X2, or Star Trek [The Motion Picture] to Star Trek II. I mean, I know that Bryan has said he's going to Wrath of Khan it, and by that he means, 'Let's take what we've already established - we've gotten that out of the way - and let's just make it shorter, tighter and more action-packed."

Read the complete report at the Sci Fi Wire website.

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