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July 21, 2007: NY Times Reports on “Justice League: The New Frontier”

The New York Times newspaper has published an article on the up-coming direct-to-DVD "Justice League: The New Frontier" animated movie.

    "The New Frontier," an epic comic book story that follows Superman and other heroes of the DC Universe from the end of World War II through the cold war, will soon be seen in a new incarnation: a 70-minute animated film.

    The saga, which began as a six-issue series in 2004, has been published in one hardcover and two softcover collections and has inspired a line of action figures. Next week those attending the 38th annual Comic-Con International in San Diego will get a preview of "Justice League: The New Frontier," a direct-to-DVD animated film from Warner Home Video due out in February.

    "The New Frontier" would be one of the first three adult-oriented DC projects to be given the straight-to-DVD treatment and will sit alongside similar full-length adventures of Superman and Batman; DVD collections of the animated television series "Superfriends," "Justice League" and "Batman Beyond," among others, have been popular with fans. "I was kind of floored by the call and the fact that this was being done," said Darwyn Cooke, 45, the writer and artist behind the comic. The news came from Gregory Noveck, the senior vice president of creative affairs at DC Comics, a unit of Time Warner. The company wanted to produce a series of direct-to-DVD animated films that would, unlike its previous efforts, more closely follow the source material.

Read the complete article online at the New York Times website.

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