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November 7, 2007: Matthew and Alexandra Reeve Promote “Hope in Motion” Documentary

Matthew Reeve, 27, and Alexandra Reeve, 23, Christopher Reeve's two older children, sat down with ABC's "Nightline" co-anchor Cynthia McFadden to talk about the "Christopher Reeve: Hope in Motion" documentary which was released on DVD yesterday.

    Matthew said that one of the best things about making the documentary was "spending that amount of extra time with Dad, and with the family in general." Alexandra said "the amazing thing about this film, is that it shows that it wasn't always easy, that there were these down moments, and that it was sheer strength that got [my father] through."

You can watch the interview online at the ABC News website.

ABC News also has an article on Matthew and Alexandra's appearance on "Good Morning America" yesterday.

UPDATE: "Access Hollywood" will be airing a piece about "Christopher Reeve: Hope in Motion" (the documentary DVD created by Matthew Reeve) tonight and tomorrow night, as a two-part series.

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